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Accredited Practicing Dietitians

Our APDs have all trained at major children's and adult hospitals in Australia, UK, USA & Singapore.

Michael Hann APD | Clinical Director

MNutrDiet (USyd) BSc (ANU)

Clinical Dietitian

Registered as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Accredited Nutritionist (AN) with the Dietitian's Association of Australia (DAA) & Medicare.  A Masters Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics (MNutrDiet) with Distinctions at University of Sydney. Former full-time clinical experience, working internationally in major children's & adult hospitals.


Degree qualified in biochemistry & microbiology at the Australian National University. Multiple nutrition biochemistry research projects at ANU and University of Sydney. Registered with Australian Assoc. of Clinical Biochemists (AACB). Specialist in diagnostic biomarkers for nutrition status, gut microbiome, mitochondria & neurotransmitters.


Clinical experience in gastroenterology and neurology at multiple hospitals, including Royal Children's Hospitals and major teaching hospitals.  Member of the Australasian Neuro-Gastroenterology & Motility Association. Special interests in microbiome-gut-immune mechanisms for complex disorders affecting malnutrition and chronic illness.

Practice Principles

  • I focus on getting to the root causes of complex clinical cases for clients with very problematic symptoms. As a specialist in clinical nutrition biochemistry, my diagnostic process involves an extensive analysis of specialist lab tests (genes, metabolites, toxins and nutrients) to study complex pathways involved in illness. 
  • My process involves reviewing medical summaries, assessing signs and symptoms, understanding patient history factors (pre-pregnancy onwards) and evaluating many aspects of diet, nutrition and toxins. Good clinical data really matters to me.
  • I gradually build highly personalised dietary prescriptions for each client, grounded in healthy whole-food eating, with all the necessary inclusions and exclusions. Nutrient dense, organic whole-foods are a priority.
  • Where there is a good quality evidence-base or scientific rationale, I blend therapeutic diets with support from clinical-grade vitamin and mineral supplements, pre/probiotics, psychobiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients and other specialist nutraceuticals.
  • Changing brain biochemistry sometimes needs supplements. Not only can they sometimes accelerate the therapeutic process, but often we can achieve outcomes that we simply couldn’t get with healthy whole foods on their own.
  • Because supplements will change your biochemistry, we need to start low and slow, we need to manage duration, monitor safety and clinical effectiveness, check nutrient-drug interactions and (as much as reasonably possible) avoid long-term use. Clinical specificity and rigour is essential.
  • I know about many dietary supplements on the market and will recommend the best for you. I regularly liaise with independent pharmacists, doctors & university researchers.  These clinical products are available by prescription from myself.., and can be purchased in selected pharmacies or via online scripts. 
  • I will explain the evidence behind my recommendations and any relevant scientific rationale.  Your understanding, priorities and choices are important to me.

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Got questions? Before you book, request a call with Michael Hann, Senior Clinical Dietitian. He will phone you within 3 days.

8 Curious Facts

... About me as a Dietitian (for those who want to know more!)

  • I am a nutrition biochemistry nerd. I was born the son of a professor who was an academic biochemist and Dean of Science. Naturally… I went on to study at Australia’s #1 biochemistry degree (ANU). I carry biochemistry journal articles for my daily commute, my library is full of advanced nutrition biochemistry books and so is my bedside table, car and backpack. Nope, I’m not kidding. Just ask my family!
  • As much as possible, I emphasise eating for a sustainable planet – local gardens and farms, 100% chemical free foods, organic soils, closed loop nutrient systems from farm-to-fork, seasonal, biodiverse, water wise, no plastic.  Good for our health, great for the planet.
  • Over the last 20 years I have worked on food, gut health & malnutrition issues across more than 30 countries. I’ve been to many strange, far flung corners. I know a lot about many types of complex malnutrition. Along the way I have learnt that our agri-food-health system is in the midst of a severe ecological crisis. Governments & industry won’t change this in a hurry (arghh) – but the people will, through very smart, sustainable food choices, every day. Yes, we can – if we want.
  • You will find me buying new foods and trying new recipes, every weekend. My favourite recipe books are from the family behind Green Kitchen Stories. I recommend them to nearly every client.
  • I mostly eat nutrient-dense, plant-based meals. My breakfast is a five grain oats mix, ground linseed, psyllium husk, mixed berries, turmeric and cinnamon, usually mixed as a warm bowl (hot water added). Sometimes I add a sprinkle of broccoli powder, nutmeg or a dash of organic maple syrup. My son copies me. Really! Kids eat amazing things, when parents model the way.
  • I really love eating seafood (and grass fed beef, game meats and wild foods…), but I am concerned about the 70 percent of world fisheries that are on the verge of collapse. When fisheries collapse, whole ecosystems collapse.  So I use a daily omega-3 supplement made from algae oil. Omega-3 is great for our health.
  • I’m sorry to say that nutrition guidelines are corrupted by too many special interests and not good enough for people with persistent problems. So, don’t expect generic nutrition advice from me. If someone gives you simple nutrition advice, they probably don’t understand the complexity. My advanced nutrition therapy plans are at least 40-pages of detail.
  • As you can probably tell, I am very passionate about advanced nutrition therapies – I don’t do things in halves. A very deep sense of duty, care and excellence is in my nature – ask anyone who knows me.  Getting the very best result for every person really matters to me. Every client will tell you this – there are no exceptions.

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