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Advanced Medical Nutrition for all gastroenterology & digestive health issues.

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Evidence-Based Nutrition Support

Whilst healthy, organic food is at the foundation of specialist clinical diets, often dietary & gut health supplements are required for phases of complex illness.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, omega-3's, MCTs, amino acids, energy and hydration support, infant formulas, hypoallergenic formulas, functional foods, enzymes, prebiotics & probiotics.

There are many brands and products on the market, but the ones we prescribe here, are the ones that we know and trust.

Effectiveness & Safety

For all products we use in prescriptions, we evaluate the clinical research (effectiveness), check for drug-nutrient interactions and assess potential adverse reactions (safety).

There are also many different chemical forms and blends of nutrients..., and this affects utilisation, absorption & metabolism. That's why expertise in nutrition biochemistry really matters. 

The Clinical Process

Nutrients in the form of supplements help change biochemistry in the body. That's why we use them in advanced nutrition therapies.

So we start with a low and slow dose, we work within established thresholds, we liaise with pharmacists and doctors along the way, and we regularly evaluate clinical progress (with blood, urine & stool tests if required).

Advanced Nutrition Therapy

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Got questions? Before you book, request a call with Michael Hann, Senior Clinical Dietitian. He will phone you within 3 days.


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