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Diagnostic Lab Tests

Need to get some labs done? In addition to standard pathology.. here are some specialist tests for investigating complex issues.

Organic Acids

Organic Acids Test
// Great Plains Laboratory //


GPL-Tox Test
// Great Plain Laboratory //

Gut Bacteria

Comprehensive Stool Analysis
// Microba //

Nutrition Analysis

NutrEval Plasma
// Genova Diagnostics //


Methylation Profile
// Doctor's Data //

Essential Minerals

Whole Blood Elements
// Doctor's Data //

Vits ADEKQ10

Fat Soluble Vitamins
// Genova Diagnostics //

Iron Status

Iron Studies
// Nutripath //


Neurotransmitters Advanced
// Nutripath //


Advanced Intestinal Barrier Test
// Dunwoody Labs //

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress 2.0
// Coming Soon //


SIBO Comprehensive
// SIBO Test //

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